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Is your car loaded up for the weekend? Installing one of our parts? Just want to take pictures of your awesome car?
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-in stock and ready to ship-

The JBR Counter Weighted Shifter Cable bushings do more than just remove the unwanted play found in the transmission end of the shifter cables. By adding a counter weight to the primary cable, the precise shifts resulting from the solid bushings become even smoother!

Within 10 minutes of being on track or an evening of repeatedly putting a few car lengths on your buddies STI, the oil temperature and coolant temperatures can begin to rise into unsafe territory which can eventually lead to overheating. Our oil cooler kit employs a 19 row core constructed out of aluminum corrugated-fins & internal tubular plates greatly increasing both thermal efficiency and mechanical strength, so you get the smallest, lightest and more importantly, the most efficient oil cooler package.

This JBR kit is perfect for those wanting to reduce the long stock shifter throw by providing options to reduce the throw by 20% or 40%. Being fully customizable, this kit is sure to accommodate every driver and driving style, on the street or on the track. Don't forget to add on your Cable Bracket Bushings and Solid Shifter Base Bushings!

This JBR kit is constructed out of 2.5" mandrel bent aluminum. We used up all the available space and created a hot side charge pipe that increases the diameter by 26% over the OEM. This translates into a significant increase in air flow to get that hot air exiting the turbo to the intercooler faster and cooled quicker.

Hybrid Cylindrical Heavy Shift Knob
-2013-2018 Focus ST
Balance Shaft Delete Kit
-2013 and up Ford Focus ST
Symposer Delete Kit
-2013 & Up Focus ST
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