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Issues after hitting curb.

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So thanks to Minnesota sucking at clearing roads I clipped a curb at 15mph last weekend even with my blizzak tires. Turns out 8" of snow on top of black ice is too much for these tires. I hit broadside hard enough to bend a rim and my alignment is off to the point that my steering wheel is roughly 5 degrees off center while going straight. I got the car jacked up swapped out the bent rim and did a visual inspection to the LCA and tie rods and couldn't find any damage to them. It's going in for a new alignment tomorrow morning.

My issue is the other day on my way to work the check engine started to flash so I pulled over and it stopped 30 seconds later. I used my Cobb AP to reset the KAM and everything was kosher. Then tonight after work I fired up the car to let it warm up for 10 minutes or so, but when I came out it was miss firing really bad and had a Egine Fault Service Now pop up and Hill Asssist issue pop up. I shut the car off and reset the ECU and KAM and everything was back to normal. Car still reaches full boost and runs just fine now. I'm about to jack it back up and check for any boost and exhaust l leaks right now.

Would there be any sensors I should check that would have gotten thrown off due to the minor impact? I sustained no body damage and the impact wasn't serious it just bent the drivers side rim slightly. Anyone else have any issues like this after a slight accident?

I don't really want to take it to ford as my local dealership sucks horribly and they'll say they can't find any issues per the usual. Not to mention it's lightly modified with a symposer delete, short shift, shifter bushings, lowered, catless downpipe, intake, and Cobb AP with a stratified 91 tune... so I could see those assholes denying warranty on it.

Thanks for any and all help!!
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First off, it's not Minnesota's fault you took a snowy curve too fast for the conditions and/or your equipment. Take advice from an old guy and learn to take responsibility for your actions. Secondly, if you're worried about your mods go to a local independant mechanic that you trust and one that can handle newer vehicles and their arrays of sensors and computer systems. Good luck to you.
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a 45mph corner at 15mph is clearly not too fast for the conditions. Your input clearly doesn't help with the situation i asked for help on. I've been driving in these conditions for 17+ years and yes it's minnesotas fault for not clearing snow off the roads soon enough during conditions that caused multiple accidents that day. So keep your two cents to yourself because i don't need some curmudgeon trying to throw salt on an open wound.
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