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is modifying/grinding required for rear strano swaybar fitment with 17x8 wheels?

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so whats the verdict on clearance when running a 17x8 wheel with 48mm offset and running the strano rear sway bar and adj links? is there any modifying of the bar needed to clear the smaller diameter wheels? If so any pictures of how much you had to shave off?
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Nope, mine fits perfect with both 17" and 18" wheels.
I don't have any pics handy but it is not a modified OEM bar nor does it reuse the OEM hardware (the sway bar bushings are half of the problem as they have bind built into them). The Strano bar does come with new bushings and brackets (but not endlinks, the OEM endlinks will work though)

Edit: here is the only pic I have of it with me (my dog really seemed to enjoy the packaging)


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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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