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Hey Everybody,

Been on the forums a while, but haven't made an account until now. I don't personally own a Focus ST, however, I do own a Fiesta ST and I am quite familiar with everything on the Focus ST.

I am Director of Service and Testing for CP-E. What does that mean? I am all over the place, however, basically I run the install shop here at CP-E and I do testing to help with product development. I do a little of everything really. I am an engineer with a specialization in Vehicle Design.

Here at CP-E, we don't only make products for the Focus ST, but we also install them as well. We have a full install facility with a mustang AWD load bearing dyno as well. We can do anything from an oil change to full motor and turbo builds and anything in between.

Why get your parts installed here?
  • We make the parts and we know the most about them
  • We have spare parts and can make adjustments if necessary
  • Since you are buying direct from us, we can set you up with packages on install and labor
  • We have fabrication, dyno, and powder coating in house, you dream it, we build it
  • Lifetime warranty on parts and 30k/6mo labor warranty. It will be done right and it will last.

Please visit the install shop website

Install Shop - cp-e?

Also, you can PM me on here or email me @ [email protected]

Thank you!
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