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Was about to say the same thing as DkpST. I don't want to be "that guy" either but, when making a large purchase like a vehicle or home, you should always look into the costs of ownership before buying. Just because you can afford to buy something does not mean you can afford to own it.

I know it is too late for you now, but you should always call your insurance company and ask for a quote before buying a car. That said, you aren't going to get anywhere near $33/mth with a Focus ST. Performance cars are always more expensive to insure.

As an example, I looked into getting an Acura TSX and it would cost me $200/yr to insure. I pay $800/yr for my FoST or 4x the rate as a "non-performance" vehicle. Just for sh*ts and giggles, I contacted my insurance co. for quotes on some other performance cars. Here are the rates I got:

Mustang GT or Shelby GT350 - $3000/yr (interesting that the insurance is the same)
Cayman GT4 - $3,200/yr
Ford GT - they will need to get back to me

Since you are 18 and have a very short driving history, you are going to get some very high rates insuring a performance car. If you can, I would suggest getting on your parents' insurance and insuring the car through them. It's probably the only way you will get a reasonable rate.

Good luck.
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