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Hi, im new to the forum and i recently bought a 2014 focus ST. i am 18 years old and i am just trying to get a quick estimate of how much my insurance will cost. i think i am going to go through progressive.The car is financed so i will need to have it under full coverage.i have a spotless record, but my age is the biggest concern. those of you close to my age, what did you start out paying for insurance?
You live in Utah, so that's the biggest difference between you and I other than the fact I am 3 years older (be 21 in a month and a half).

I started with a local Erie insurance agency with my GSXR-600 and they use Progressive for motorcycles. Horrible rates. They were almost double what I pay now that I switched to Allstate. So with Allstate I purchased my Focus ST (also a 2014) financed, and I wasn't afraid to shop around even though I already had a great relationship with Allstate. Anyway, I ended up finding that Allstate was the most forgiving to people under 21/25 and that for my car they would only charge me 160 a month (only 140 if I do the early signing bonus). I was pretty blown away by the quote, but I have a 5 year long history of perfect driving and 2 years of safe riding on my "very dangerous" motorcycle.

*My biggest advice to you is to call and get a quote from EVERYONE.* every one of them. When you get a lower number with the 2nd phone call, start the 3rd phone call with "#2 got me a quote at xxx a month, and I was wondering if you could do lower." Then call #4 and say "#3 said they could get me a quote at xxx and I've called #1 and #2 also, if you guys could beat them that would be great." and just competitively knock them all down until you have the lowest.

Edit: I purchased the car a little under 3 months ago. So it was used, didn't buy it new. Just so you don't get the wrong idea lol.
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