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Does your shop do installs?

I've had my ST for about 2 years now and either the end of this summer or the beginning of next spring I am basically looking to go stage 3 (I have no real performance mods at this point, other than a tune from Stratified and 1 step colder plugs). Was looking to do basically a full Cobb setup. I am most likely going to do a Cobb intake this summer/fall, but would like to upgrade to the Cobb FMIC and Turbo back exhaust come next spring. I was wondering if your shop could do the install, as I don't really have the tools or space to do those things (plus I would love to dyno and get a custom tune from you guys, since you are local for me). It would just put my mind at ease that professionals would be doing the install(s).

Let me know! Thanks!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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