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Injector Swap/Install

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Anyone here swap or replace the injectors on their own? Reading through the engine manual it seems that some special tools are required to install and size the Teflon orings. Short of buying the tools is there a way to do it without?
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Well, both tools are more than 4 genuine Ford injectors and the seals.

See the rationale behind my question?
I don't know if they come with seals or not but it would be cool if so. Another reason it would be cool is the second tool is one that smashes the seal back down after being expanded during installation. The engine manual states that you need to install within 15 minutes of what they call resizing or the Teflon will start to expand. This sounds way more complicated than it needs to be.

I'm also under the impression that once the rail is removed they just pull out. Maybe its me wishfully thinking so. All I have access to is the engine assembly guide which is where I've got this information from so far.
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No one else have any idea? I'll start emailing and calling around to try for an answer. If I get one I'll update because I can't be the only one looking to tackle this on my own.
I got my new genuine Ford injectors and they did come with all seals and ready to install.

I also ordered a genuine Ford seal kit and it came with instructions on installing the injectors
I scanned the instructions and will post them here later. Looks very straight forward.

Going to attempt to tackle the swap this weekend.
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What did you pay for your injectors?
Eh, $76 I think. Bought from Tasca so whatever that shows.
The swap went super easy. I'll try to write something up here tomorrow. Along with that I'll post some pics of my original injectors because you'll puke when you see them.
Tasca is selling them for $80.67 each.

Rail comes off and just took a twist and pull to get the injector out. They are not clipped to the rail at all. I'll do a write up but it's a easy job if you're comfortable pulling the intake.
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