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Injector questions, supporting mods?!

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so i was wondering, i'm considering upgrading the injectors. the mountune injectors 1200cc seem to be the ones i am leaning towards. However, with previous cars i have needed to upgrade supporting parts of the fuel system like pump and fuel lines for this to be possible. Is this something i should consider doing? is it worth wile for the money to spend? is there a lot of proven dyno benefit of this? and mo importantly, are the stock ones worth upgrading i believe are around 800cc would the stockies be adequate for a cars goal of around 350-380 FWHP?

Thanks in advance! just trying to map out my modification road now
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thats what i was looking for. so what are these aux fuel kits you speak of? only had this car a month so excuse my lack of knowlage
Welcome @caelanbacon,

Take a look at this page here: Blog : Upgrading your Ecoboost Fuel System ? Part 1 ? How it Works : Stratified Automotive Controls

Also, your going to want to read all of these here:

Lots of great information there and also Stratified offers 2 different Aux fueling kits found here: Stratified Parts : Stratified Automotive Controls

Good luck!
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