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Only three passes as late season blow ups and break downs are occurring. You would think after a decade that Honda owners would learn to finish first you must first finish.

Anyway got there at about 11:30 am, track opened at 10 am, first passes started at 11 am.

I changed over to the slicks and let the car cool, first pass (2:36 pm) -

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The clocks stop worked because there was a short between the trigger for the Christmas Tree and the rest of the timing system. So the 2nd run resulted in nothing...

Next run wasn't until 6:09 pm, the result was my new PB -

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So the darn thing finally ran over 100 mph. I shifted at 6500 1-3 and 3-4 at 6,000

Now if I can put it all together, what do I mean? -

Best 60 ft = 1.76
Best 1/8 mile ET = 8.60
Best 1/8 mile MPH = 80.92
Best 1/4 mile ET = 13.43
Best 1/4 mile MPH = 100.25

My PB was also the first time the car went 21+ mph (21.06 mph) between the 1/8th and the 1/4, that is all shifting IE finding the correct shift point for each gear.

If I get 80+ or better in the 1/8th mph and pick up 21+ mph to the end of the 1/4, that would result in 101.98 mph.

In fact I am close enough to 81 mph in the 1/8th that I could easily run 102 + with the right shift points.

That is possible while the weather is still less than ideal.

I lost in the 1st round of brackets running my PB which meant I broke out (13.50 dial) and dude got me at the about 1,200 mark. It was a 13.50 dial vs a 12.60 dial (Benz E55 AMG) MOV was my reaction time vs his (.658 vs .122) .536 but I out ran him from the 60 all the way 330 mark but after that he ran faster obviously but as I said he caught me around 1200 ft as his 1,000 time was 10.776 and mines was 11.194.

If I got a better reaction time I would have won with a slower ET but break out in the process, oh well.

I only had the spare out. I did my previous best with it in, so I don't think it's that much of a variable.

Config is going to stay like this because I think it will run 103-104 mph as it sits which means it will run a 12 and I that's pretty impressive with just a tune in the car.

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Right on man sounds like a blast and congrats on the triple digits I know you've been working hard on that.

I'll meet up with you down there one of these days it just seems like every weekend is booked these days :serious:

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Thanks Joe -

The car is going faster every time out
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