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my car sometimes stalls at idle, but it also does some weird stuff when launching at 30mph in second gear, when getting up to 5k rpm, the car holds back as if i had set a rev limiter to 5k rpm. Only happens when i’m in second gear, i know my hpfp is going bad but i have no idea what the second problem is. I thought it was a corrupt tune, i returned the car back to stock and still have the same problem

Mods are;
garret fmic
catless dp
stage 2 afe cold air intake, blue filter
SCT X4 preloaded tune
MSD coils
63 mm throttle body w/spacer
intake manifold spacer(boomba racing)
borla catback exhaust
sound symposer delete

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A bad pump can cause both of your issues. Fix the pump first since you know it's bad.
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