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Julian from Vivid Racing with some great news! Vivid Racing will be holding a huge Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for Ford Focus ST. We're talking about 20%Tuning box kits and ECU flashes from VR Tuned, 25% Agency Power parts, buy 3 get one free wheel from fifteen52 wheels. We have many deals, and the best part is free shipping for 95% of the parts what better can you ask for! Check it out, we have so much to offer you take advantage !
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Black Friday Deals !!

20% off tuning box kits and ECU flashes from VR Tuned

Agency Power parts will be discounted up to 25% off plus free shipping

fifteen52 wheels as a buy 3 get 1 free deal

Focus ST/RS specific Swift Springs here

Black Friday we are offering Injen intakes for 15% off

Call Now! / Email 480-966-3040 Ext 229 / [email protected]
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