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Want to know more about my build and installs, follow my build CLICK HERE! @bobby9621

Original Post in my build:

Breedt Product Design
Intake Manifold


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This intake manifold will replace the stock plastic manifold that is currently on the car.

Direct port methanol injection
Velocity stacks
Short runners
Intake insulator
Silicone o ring seals
Stainless hardware
Runner and plenum interior surface to promote better meth and air mixing
Interchangeable throttle body mounts
Factory connections except symposer
Port to run boost gauge/BOV
Billet 6061 alum
Choice of 5 anodized colors clear, black, blue, red, yellow
Tune Support

Plugs included for ports unused such as methanol injection or blow off valve.

The product is a perfect fit
Never have I seen a product so perfect
Modification compatible:
Catch Can - Yes vented and non vented, will need a fitting 1/4NPT to match the barb of your set up for non vented
Blow Off Valve - Yes
Hard Pipe:
Yes, cp-e adapter will work but highly suggested to obtain a longer coupler on the manifold side.
Tune Compatible:
Yes, but you will need to have your tuner adjust the intake volume to 5.2L

Installation Instructions

Jack up the front of the vehicle and make sure the ebrake is engaged.
Pull the engine cover

Remove the evaporative emission line

Disconnect the MAP sensor and set it aside, you will not reuse the screw

Disconnect the fuel sender electrical connector

Disconnect the passenger side evaporative emission line from the intake, you will have to pry off both sides of the green connector equally

On the back side of the intake there are two electrical connectors, just pull them off the intake, you do not need to disconnect them

Disconnect the electrical connector for the throttle body servo motor by pulling the red finger tab, then squeeze and pull, be careful, and you do this blind

If you have a symposer delete kit, remove the two bolts and discard, if you have the symposer still installed, then refer to the directions

Remove the catch can line

Loosen the clamps from the hard pipe and remove the five bolts holding the intake on, discard the bolts

Remove the four bolts from the throttle body, they will be reused

Remove your air intake system, refer to the directions

Disconnect the vacuum line from the pump, squeeze the buttons and pull

Remove the evaporative emission line from the flow valve, you can cut the tube with a knife if needed You will reuse the valve

If you need to remove the PCV valve plastic line, refer to the instructions, if you have a catch can leave this connected

Install supplied plastic cap in the firewall hole, I am really glad this was included

Release the tension on the belt tensioner, remove belt, and remove the two lower bolts, you will reuse
swing up 45 degrees and snug the top bolt to keep in position

Remove the coolant tank by lifting it off to allow for more room

Bolt the runner to plenum with 9 M6X30mm and flat washers
As always check the seals and make sure they are seated

Install the 4 brass plugs if not using methanol injection, snug do not over tighten

Bolt plenum inlet to plenum with 4 M6X35mm

Install MAP sensor with M6x20MM and flat washer

Install 5/16 barb fitting into 1/4NPT elbow and install on outside hole

Install the blow off valve barb or plug in the center hole

Install the catch can straight barb at this time (this was temp)

Install the throttle body adapter to plenum intake with 4 M6X25mm hex bolts and flat washers

Slide 5" piece of 5/16 hose and 7" piece of 3/8 hose on big side of check valve

Slide check valve hose assembly on barb

Thread 1 M8X35mm hex bolt and flat washer a couple of turns into the hole
Make sure washer is not between head and the intake

Carefully slide intake into place, and loosely install M8X35MM bolts and flat washers

Tighten the bolt by the belt tensioner as tight as possible

Slide MAP sensor and fuel sender harness through the whole and reconnect

Rotate the belt tensioner back into place and reinstall the two bolts, put the belt back on

Reinstall the coolant tank

Tighten the remaining bolts for the intake manifold

Reconnect wire to throttle body, red tab out, push in, then red tab pushed back in.

Slide the 3/8 hose onto the evaporative emission valve, you do not have to use a clamp

Reconnect the cold side intercooler pipe to the throttle body
I highly suggest two people and if a hard pipe I highly suggest a longer coupler
I took a screwdriver and used it as a guide then jacked up the pipe to the throttle body

Replace your air box

Load your new tune to include the 5.2L change to intake volume. Let's be honest, if you are purchasing this, you probably already have a tune and just need it updated.

Now clean it up, go for a test drive, recheck all connections and stare at the beauty!
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I would like to personally thank everyone at Breedt Product Design. The customer service and communication is great, along with tech support.

Three vendors I completely trust with my car
@[email protected]

Thank you for all you do!

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Great write up and install pics!
Thank you! I just noticed the high resolution pictures are showing up as attachments but my cell pictures are showing up. If you don't want to click on the attachments then just click the top link to the original post and they should come up. There are a few more "How To" posts for anyone that is interested listed in the links on my first page of my build. You can click on a link in the tables to go to posts, or go to the chronological section. I tried to make it user friendly.

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Is this no longer a product made by Breedt?
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