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I've done a couple comp. tests and find that I sometimes need to crank the engine 10+ times until the needle stops moving. Being a bit OCD about actually seeing what's happening on the gauge while I am in the driver's seat cranking the engine; I set up a camera to record the gauge while doing turning the engine. Then, I review the footage. Mainly do this because I found the pressure was dropping a little due to some leakage, but like the almight @Duece McCracken AKA DMC, says, it's a PITA if you get the adapter in there too tight. Likely will tear the little rubber O-ring that seals it if you do... Don't ask how I know this, but just words to the wise ;)
Yeah I generally just crank until the needle stops, or about. Never had any issues, just need to keep a charger on the battery.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts