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Horns are low on the car.. They get damp. the contacts corrode..
Even just pulling the electrical connector off and back on AT THE HORN may 'fix' the horn problem.
If it is in the steering wheel.. harder to fix..
(But IMO if it was the steering wheel parts, then the door honk and stuff would still work.)

Though it may be if the op honks all the time he HAS worn out the horn. Or..
maybe some annoyed honked at idiot decided to kill your horn..
I have found I might use the horm.. maybe once a year? And that is when someone is totally not moving for a green light.
I usually do not honk for other drivers actions.. (One of those folks may be in a really bad mood, and have a gun.)

I do not view driving as a competition, more like a dance.. We are all partners on the road..
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