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Hi from Way Down- Under

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Hey All

So I have just recently bought my 2015 Tangerine Scream Focus ST (FL). Pic attached. From the member map it seems that I am the only member down in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. This is very sad as we have some of the best driving roads in the world ;-) and of course is the home of the famous Targa Tasmania road rally race,as featured in the movie Love The Beast (worth a watch for any petrol-head).

I don't have many mods as yet but have some plans;
- Cobb CAI
- Cobb Shortshift kit (30%)
- Cobb AP v3
- Cobb Rear Motor Mount

- FMIC (recommendations welcome, I want something efficient but that doesn't need me to hack the front of my car and drill as few holes as possible).
- Turbo back exhaust
- Coilovers
- Spacers
- Sticky rubber (coming from Quattro im battling to get my head around wheelspin when boosting)

Anyway I'm looking forward to browsing the forum and connecting to the St community.


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ugfh yeah my only complaint so far is the silent factory exhaust, I even did the resonator delete, it makes it tolerable but it's still very quiet. Great for a grocery getting old lady but how many of those are buying this car?

Car looks great btw, the color came out better than usual in the photo.
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