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So ive been trying to start a Part shop for Canada and the united states. ive been chasing this dream ever since I bought my 2015 FoST. I'm looking for some people to help me grow. before I can Start up shops I need to get more followers so I'm really looking to the ST community to help me out. I'd really like some support, in return once I start my own shop ill be posting Coupon Codes for the first month because so many of people Helped me out by joining. ive got an Canadian Group and a USA Group. id like you guys to join which ever. I really thank you guys and am really humble for you helping me. I really do appreciate it. every person that joins gets me one step closer to my dream. thank you[raceflag]


-Vince Di Maggio



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Is this some kind of robopost?? Wasn't there a thread started a few days ago that said the same thing essentially word for word?
Not sure, but yes. Word for word only this is larger font.
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