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I'm a new guy. I don't even own a Focus ST, but I'm doing my research to buy. I have a lease ending in two months and I'm shopping around pretty early to do research on a few different cars. Maybe some of you could chime in.

Quick history. I had a focus Zx3 back in the day. I had some stuff done to it. Saleen suspension kit, standard bolt ons. I really enjoyed it. it was really reliable until the alternator kept going out when it got to high milage.

Other then that I really like hot hatches. I had a Mini S with a full bulilt suspension. That car was a hoot.

I'm thinking about a mk6 GTI, Focus ST, If I can find a good deal on an STI. Basically a sport compact.

Anyone have some advice?

Also. Does FST have a WIKI I can do a bunch of reading on car issues, generational differences and what not?

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