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Help... Please

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Let me apologize in advance if this is in the wrong section. Anyway I'll cut to the chase. I've had a front end suspension rattle that I could also feel for about the past month. It's like a rattle/clunking when going over bumps and holes in the road. It wasn't there and then was suddenly. I'm kind of car-savvy and have taken the tires off multiple times to try and find something loose but to no avail. I've shaken the tires to check the bearings and that's not it. I took it to the dealership and they charged me $50 to grease the struts. Surprise, didn't fix it.. Im essentially at the point of desperation and was wondering if anyone has ever experienced something similar or suggestions on what to check. No vibration in the wheel. Just a noise and I can kind of feel the car shake when hitting bumps. Cheers!
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Nothing suspension. Intake, front mount, engine mount, and cat back
Nothing suspension. Intake, front mount, engine mount, and cat back
What front mount?

Some cores have been known to hit the front crash bar over bumps, namely the depo beast and cpe.

Intakes can hit the hpfp

If the factory dp bracket was re-installed a bit off it can cause some hits over bumps. The oval piece over the "brillo pad" needs to be centered appropriately.

I would do a re check and re-tighten on these parts, as well as thoroughly checking the front sway bar endlinks and suspension bushings. Also check the front spring cups, for debris or spring damage/perch damage. It sounds weird but it has happened.

Also the strut top hats should be checked.

How many miles on your car?
Just about to hit 36k
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