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I thought I would make a first post. This is a great site! I have found it very helpful.

I wasn't planning on buying a new car. My wife purchased a new loaded Escape and told me I could buy a car. I told her my Mustang was still good and that I would only consider an ST. The Ford website said there were no STs close to us so I was safe. When she went to the dealer for them to show her how to use MFT and Sync she mentioned it to the salesperson. The salesperson's response was "Yes, we have one. I'll show it to you." 5 hours later I had my ST1.

I just took pictures today. The first thing I did was install a homelink mirror(very easy on this car). Just painted the calipers today. I am thinking about some carbon fiber for the interior.

The other surprising thing is that she actually buying parts for the ST!!!!!!
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