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Hey everyone, name is Justin and I am currently in Goldsboro, NC. Picked up a 2016 ST2 Oxford White last Friday. So far it's a blast to drive!

Found it online last Thursday evening, the next morning after dropping the kids off, we took a trip to the dealership. After the test drive, I was sold!
I have been wanting another manual car for a few years now. Used to have an 05 Neon SRT-4 pushing pretty good power and was built for AutoX. After selling that, I went
to an Xterra. The xterra was awesome, but was missing the thrill of a fun ride. So 3 years after owning the Xterra, here we are! Look forward to being a part of the group and
learning all the ins and outs of the ST.

Saturday night, ordered some of the must haves from what I read on the forums.

-JBR shift arm, set at 40% reduction (installed today)
-Garageline Pedal plate (installed today)
-Boomba trans mount bushings (on the way)
-MBRP 3" Exhaust w/black tips (on the way)
-Cobb exhaust hangers (on the way)

Wife owns a vinyl printer, made some of these up real quick for the front and rear.

Blue/leather Recaro interior

The SRT during an AutoX event.

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