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So, the race car ST had some trouble this weekend...

Ran fine early on day 1. Then had issues toward the end of the day. The serpentine belt tensioner broke for some reason.

Out came the heroic fix and we secured the tensioner to where the belt was pretty tight... (here we may have started the problem)

So, after a few laps on day 2, with the modded tensioner the limp kicked in and the driver brought it back in. Well, there was a lot of smoke pouring out from the exhaust... white smoke.

Its coolant, no doubt.

So, question is, has anyone else blown a head gasket or do you know of anything else that could be less dramatic to look for before I start grabbing $100's out of my wallet?

Plugs looked pretty clean, almost like a lean running situation.

I'm guessing the serpentine runs the water pump??

I let the car cool down to 88 deg on accessport temp and then just putting in the parking lot it shot up to 216 or so and was smoking again.

We were running stock tuning on it Sunday to basically turn some laps and not break anything but here I am...
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