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Full weight, stock ST3, full tank of 91~ octane as I was trying to bring up octane rating from my daily use 87 full up. Only "mod" is a symposer delete. On half life F1's, I believe original, and starting to show cracks of dryrot.

Track prep was not great. Conditions improved as the night went on. It seemed like all the cars were a bit off their bests. Friend in a bone stock ATS-V best of the night was a 12.6, which is also a few off stock numbers. Best 60' of the night was a 2.28 but on an earlier run and the air was not as good for the rest of the run.

Here's the breakdown of the best times of the night, all happening just before I left:
10:38pm - 79*F according to my car - Hotlapped 2x
60' 2.3989
330' 6.3515
1/8 9.5825
MPH 75.71
1000' 12.3912
1/4 14.785
MPH 94.02
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I have extra wheels I'll probably put some sticky tires on. Have an air filter, intercooler, DP, and tuner ready to go on the car.

Any thoughts about the low MPH? It's an ST3, full tank, and I'm about 210 lbs, so I expect weight to be at least part of the issue.
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No that's about right for a stock car this time of year, especially in Texas.

79F isn't that hot.

Add the coolant mod (reducing the amount of coolant in the system to about 20% and replacing it with drinking water), this will help keep the timing up despite hot lapping the car.

Do the wastegate mod as well, it's free you just need to adjust the preload to max. It will hold boost better than the stock preload adds about 10-15 degrees to the outlet temps but is worth 15-20 hp/tq.

I went from 100.43 to 101.96 with that one change alone.

100.43 is my best trap (and 13.46) is my best pass Tune Only, I don't count synthetic oil or K&N filters as major mods.

Highly recommend a E tune if ethanol is readily available. WMI if not, VP Octanium if all else fails or order Toroco Accelerator, this car loves octane.

Oh if my WMI was working or Intercooler upgrade I would have been in the 12's easily with about 2 mph more trap speed (20 hp). I was hoping to match my SRT-4's [email protected] or [email protected] That won't happen now unless I want to waste time.

One more thing, what size extra wheels? 14's can run 16" wheels so you can run Hoosier QTP's or if they are 17" you can get Hoosier, M&H or M/T Drag Radials or M&H slicks which is what I use.
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