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@@@@@@@@@@PRICE [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

I have 4 gold enkei rpf1 18x9 5x108 35offset wheels perfect for the focus st.

I believe this bolt pattern width and offset is tough to come by these days.. (don't quote me I'm no wheel guru)

they have 215/45/r18 nexen touring tires with the perfect amount of stretch. Really need to go to a focus with coils or air, mite look a little silly on stock height focus

The wheels and tires are fresh. no scratches, nicks or rash and have less than 1000 road miles on them.
The prior owner had a slightly aggressive camber so there is some wear on the inner tread but I have switched the tires around so they should wear perfectly on a lowered focus.

I also have brand new hubrings from tirerack.
1,200 picked up in central jersey please pm for more pics, serious inquiries only please because they are stacked in my small storage room and a pain in the ass to take out for specific detailed pics or lookers.

these are 9.5 out of 10 I am asking 1200

same wheel on a FOST not these specific wheels this picture was just my motivation to buy these wheels.
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