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2015 Focus ST, ST1 package
Used ~37k miles (will slowly go up as I daily this for now)
Location Las Vegas NV
Asking: ?16k obo?
No trades please
Still owe on it, buyer's choice - can apply to Ford to take over payments (0% APR w/ good credit) or I can just pay it off prior to purchase - we can discuss logistics if you're serious buyer. I'm just in no rush to pay it off since I'm getting 0% financing.

Contact: todaparty at g m a i l . c o m

Highlights (I have all stock parts related to symposer, active grille, FMIC etc):
37k miles (will slowly go up as I daily this for now)
AEM Dryflow filter, stock intake
Cobb FMIC & Cobb IC piping
Cobb AP V3 (currently running JST map), also have an ATR license
Cobb Short shift plate
Steeda Catted DP
Stock exhaust
Turbosmart BPV
Damond dual catch cans + Sound symposer delete
Bridgestone RE760 w/ Costco warranty. Roughly equivalent to factory Goodyears, maybe slightly louder and a touch less grippy - I'm not really pushing it to 10/10ths on the street tho so...

Original adult owner, bought new with 59 miles Dec 2015 from a local Vegas dealer, so west coast car its whole life.
Bought this as a daily while I did some work on my S2000.
S2000's now done, don't really "need" this car anymore, so just seeing how much interest there is on it.
Not desparate to sell, I'm fine daily driving this to 100k miles - it's actually a much nicer daily than my S2K with better A/C and bluetooth.
Interior 9/10, exterior 8/10 - it's a daily driver, it's not perfect, but it's not some super trashed beater either. I get the interior detailed once a year, exterior twice a year.
I've stalled it a total of 4 times total, I remember every single one.
My commute is 30 miles round trip. I hardly ever take it past 3.5k.
Trip 1 odo is untouched from the factory. I use Trip 2 odo to calc MPG. Avg MPG per tank approx 23-24 mixed highway/city.

I have a detailed excel spreadsheet with everything documented:


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