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Hello Everyone,

I've had these parts sitting in my garage for over a year.
I've decided to keep the ST as long as I can, and will not be putting these parts back on.

A. Item for sale/trade: Stock downpipe, cat-back exhaust, intercooler, intercooler piping, front crash bar energy absorber, sound symposer, engine cover, MBRP downpipe adapter
B. Condition: Used, roughly 45,000 miles on everything. Intercooler has some lower damage, no leaks though.
C. Price/What you want to trade for:
  • Downpipe $old
  • Exhaust $old
  • Intercooler $old
  • Intercooler Piping $old
  • Front crash bar energy absorber $old
  • Sound Symposer $old
  • Engine Cover - No longer selling
  • MBRP- 2.5" Downpipe to 3.0" Exhaust Adapter $old
  • Shipping extra, I can also meet near Toledo on weekends.
D. Location of items: Marysville, OH
E. Picture of items:

Auto part Automotive exhaust Exhaust manifold Exhaust system Pipe

Auto part Technology

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Nice, I'm just west of Cleveland. You willing to ship? I see you mentioned Toledo in an earlier thread... do you go to NWOR autocross events?
Yep, I can ship. Not sure on price but I can find out.

Haven't dabbled into the world of autocross yet, been saving for a house past couple years, really need a garage again! I travel to the Toledo area to visit family & friends.
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