A. Item for sale/trade (model, specs, etc.): Upgraded engine splash shields with 3 access panels. Made of polypropylene (rigid--does not roll up, ships flat), approximately 3/16" thick. Mounts without any modification using your existing hardware (3 screws across front, one near each wheel opening, and two at the rear of the subframe).

I needed at least 3 of these for my own use, and after factoring in shipping, duties, etc., it made sense to place an order from a seller with a minimum quantity of 10. I should have boxes to pack them individually by tomorrow.

Fits 2012-2018 Focus and 2014-2023 Transit Connect with 2.0L engines for sure (though I'm not sure the access panels would be in the right spot for the 1.6L or 1.0L engines). Still need to double check fitment on the C-Max (will try to do that tonight after my better half gets home). Does NOT fit Escape or MKC.

B. Condition: New In box (6 available) more en route, ETA 9/30.
C. Price/What you want to trade for: $100+actual shipping (~$25 to the west coast, less if you're closer -- PM ZIP code if you need a precise shipping quote).
D. Location of item: Maryland (PM if you're interested in picking up)
E. Picture of item for sale or for trade MUST CONTAIN (within the same picture) a sheet of paper with the following on it:

UPDATE: The original batch is gone, but I went ahead and ordered more. Getting stuck with higher freight cost this time around (more than the cost of the covers themselves), so I may have to raise the price a bit to keep 'em coming. Let me know if you want one ASAP and I'll still keep the price at $100+shipping.

9/19/22: 20 on the way, 13 available