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FS: Maryland, 2017 ST2 5300 miles $19.5k, Black, No Mods (UPDATED PRICE & PICS)

Selling my 2017 Focus ST2 with Recaro's and Sony upgraded stereo. The car has 5500 miles and the oil was just changed (royal purple synth used). I am selling it for UNDER!!!!! what I owe on it. I currently owe $21k, and am selling it for $19,500. It was purchased January 3rd of this year, and I have never taken it to the track or raced it (I'm not into that much). My commute is 7 miles of back country roads each way to work. The only other commutes are longer highway trips of 2-3 hours to visit family.

I am selling it for 2 reasons:

1.) I want a much larger vehicle my wife and I can take on trips, and her RAV4 I find very uncomfortable (probably going to get an older Tahoe).
2.) I have an impingement in my shoulder so am getting away from a manual unfortunately (occasional pain when shifting, but isn't getting better).


The car does have a LIEN from the State Employee Credit Union. I will be paying off the difference, and we can do any transaction at the bank and I will do whatever is necessary to get a clean title in the hands of the buyer. I took it to my local Ford dealership and they offered $18,5k, so currently I am only asking for $1k over what a dealership will give.

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