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Item for sale/trade (model, specs, etc.): JBR Adjustable Short Shift Arm
Condition: New In box, Used, Good, Fair, Dented, etc. Brand New
Price/What you want to trade for: $80.00 Shipped (Lower 48 only)
Location of item: Manchester VT
For Sale: Brand New JBR Adjustable Short Shift Arm. This was only on my car for a week and is like new, with all fasteners and new lock washers. First pic only shows two weights, but all three are included. And don't worry about the green in the grooves of the weights--that is gone.
This Shift Arm is simply amazing--you can select the amount of shift reduction (20% or 40%), then add weights to your liking. Each weight is 4 ounces, so if you add all 3, the action and shift feel is just incredible. The only reason that I'm selling it is that I prefer being able to move my shifter forward 25mm with the Breedt Quick Shift Arm that I've had for years.
DSC00412 by Michael Read, on Flickr
DSC00411 by Michael Read, on Flickr
DSC00408 by Michael Read, on Flickr

$80.00 ship (Lower 48 only), PayPal Friends and Family only.
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