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A. Item for sale/trade:
Front and Rear AirLift Performance Air Bags and Shocks
AirLift Performance 3P Management WITH Second Compressor Harness
2x ViAir 400C Compressors
2x SMC Check Valves
2x SMC Water Traps
2x Specialty Suspension 4 Gallon Seamless Tanks 24" Long (Optional)
Appropriate Push-to-Connect Fittings (Pre-Installed) to allow for SOFT Air Line Connections

B. Condition:
Lightly Used
Approximately 12000 km (7500 miles) on the AirLift Performance Kit

C. Price/What you want to trade for:

D. Location of item:
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Why are the tanks optional? The tanks cannot be shipped in the same box as the air ride struts and management so I have decided to offer BOTH tanks at $100 + Shipping on top of everything else - these tanks brand new are $116 each.

Little bit of a history on these items here for any interested buyers...

This kit includes 99% of what you need to properly bag your vehicle - the only thing you'll need extra is some soft air line to route to each corner of the vehicle (55 cents a foot on BagRiders). I have had ZERO issues with this setup in my year of ownership. The kit is 100% leak free and has an OEM-like ride while also being able to offer increased stiffness by either changing the damping via the 30-way adjustable shocks or airing the vehicle up to increase your spring rate. This kit offers the ability for you to slam your car when parked (or driving if your wheel / tire specs are right) but also raise it up above OEM height should you need to go over huge pothole or speed bump. If you have any more questions as to how the kit works or are looking to see what this looks like on a Focus ST feel free to check my instagram or feel free to shoot me a PM / post below.

I've owned this kit for just over a year. The kit has never seen a Canadian winter, and the vehicle was stored for six out of those twelve months of ownership. I made sure to clean the suspension every time I took the wheels off - this kit was extremely well cared for.

The reason I'm selling is that I no longer own a Focus ST and am looking to get these out the door! I am motivated to sell so feel free to shoot me a PM and maybe we can come up with a deal that pleases both parties :)

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inbox me you're absolute bottom price, if its right ill have cash by the 16th
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