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Hey guys. Got a couple of things for sale. They're from my 2013 Focus ST.

Cobb AP V2: $250 Shipped

Very good condition. I've probably had it out of the case for a total of 10 minutes lol. Just to put the tune on and then take it off. If I understand it right, it works on 2013 and 2014 Focus STs, as well as some years of the Fiesta ST (may need to double check that).

Audio equipment Electronic device Technology Electronics Loudspeaker

Technology Electronic device

Spyder Projector Headlights (See here for more specs): $250 Shipped
These headlights are in working condition. I bought them about two years ago for my ST1 to add the LED lights. Plug and play, about 10 minutes to install. They look really cool in my opinion. They are known for peeling (see here), so I used a headlight restoration kit on them about a year ago. That was a temporary fix, and they're starting to look a bit cloudy again. Not terrible, but you may want them refinished or polish them depending on how picky you are.

Right Headlight
Headlamp Automotive lighting Light Vehicle Auto part

Automotive exterior Vehicle Hood Auto part Car

Footwear Shoe Automotive exterior Auto part Athletic shoe

Left Headlight
Headlamp Automotive lighting Light Vehicle Car

Technology Automotive exterior Electrical wiring Auto part Electronic device

Helmet Personal protective equipment Shoe Athletic shoe

Lights on
Car Vehicle Headlamp Automotive lighting Ford

Just LEDs
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Headlamp Ford

I also have a set of Blizzak WS70s that will be on sale soon. I don't have pictures of them yet, but they're on 16 inch steelies. Used for three seasons, so about 12,000 miles on them. Good tread depth left. $450 and can be picked up in South Bend Indiana.

Thanks guys!
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