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A. Item for sale/trade:
Polished Aluminum CCW Classics (3 Piece) 18x8.5 +40 5x108 coated in OptiCoat Pro Ceramic Coating
Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires 235/40R18 XL-Rated Tires

B. Condition:
Lightly Used
Approximately 10000 km (6200 miles) on the tires and wheels

C. Price/What you want to trade for:
$1700 USD SHIPPED WITHOUT Michelin PSS Tires
$1850 USD SHIPPED WITH Michelin PSS Tires

D. Location of item:
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

I am willing to separate tires and wheels.

I have driven on this setup for just under 6200 miles. There is no cosmetic damage to the wheels and they have been freshly polished and coated in OptiCoat Pro to prevent hard water spots from forming. The wheels come with chrome lug nuts that match the wheels as well as center caps with CCW engraved on them. If you have anymore questions feel free to shoot me a PM or DM me on instagram @njayaranjan.

The reason I'm selling is because I no longer own the Focus ST and these do not fit the new vehicle.

Thanks! Tire Alloy wheel Rim Spoke Automotive tire
Alloy wheel Tire Rim Wheel Automotive tire
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Rim
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Alloy wheel

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God your car is clean!!! Wish mine looked like that, and wish I had the money for these beauties...
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I am unable to purchase them, but they are absolutely beautiful and you are basically getting a free set of Pilot Super Sports with them...$150 more for the PSSs is a great perk.

Best of luck with the sale
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