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A. Item for sale/trade (model, specs, etc.): 2014 Focus ST with ST2 package
B. Condition: Very good condition
C. Price: $15,000
D. Location of item: Clemmons, North Carolina

Selling my 2014 Black Ford Focus ST with the ST2 package that includes partial leather recaro seats, navigation, premium sound system, and proximity key to start and unlock the car. At the time of the posting the car has 67,800 miles but will continue to go up as I drive it daily. The car is in great condition and does not need any work. New tires were put on a few months ago. Oil changes were done every 5000 with full synthetic oil, and transmission fluid was changed once a year. Although the car has extensive upgrades, I chose to leave the original cat back so that it was enjoyable to drive long distances.

profesional installed (with receipt) GTX2867R 0.64 AR
Aquamist HFSV4 water methanol injection system with 10L trunk mounted tank (lasts forever)
aquamist paired with Stratified Guardian angel
cobb intake
fswerks intercooler
cpe meth charge pipe
moroso catch can
Cobb catted downpipe (legal and passes emissions, no check engine lights)
Cobb AP V3
Stratified tuned with traction control; I do also have a panda tune for the gtx2867 on my ap3 for anyone not wanting to run WMI
all motor mounts upgraded (no exessive NVH)
fswerks shifter bracket bushings
boomba shifter base bushings
needless torque solutions shifter linkage bushing
Boomba wing risers
shorty antenna
weather tech front mats

I am the original owner and have a clean title in hand. Never in any accidents. The car has been extremely reliable, I have never had it into a shop for any repair aside from the dealer wiring harness recall.

I believe I have this priced to sell therefore I am firm on my price.
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Thought this would generate a lot of interest at this least $10,000 put into this car, and you can't find many stock STs for this price. Most people are going to want a big turbo that buy an ST if they can afford it, save yourself the trouble and buy mine!

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There is extensive wiring as part of the aquamist HFS4 system, and also the water/methanol line. If someone does not want the water methanol system, it can be removed rather easily; although you would have to run a less powerful tune (my panda tune) and lose all the cooling/cleaning benefits of WMI.

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Here is a dyno graph of when I had a snow performance WMI kit installed with the GTX2867. 354 whp on a mustang dyno! There is some debate over the differences in read out on a mustang vs dyno but from what I researched, a dyno jet will read 12% higher. Using that figure, this car would have put down 396 whp on a dyno jet. Now I have switched to a higher quality WMI system (aquamist) and the single nozzles they offer are not as big as the snow performance nozzles so the car has been detuned a little bit since that dyno. Even during the tuning with the snow performance kit, Alex at Stratified said there was more power available and I just needed the upgraded map sensor to push past 29 psi; I was more than satisfied with the power so I didn't continue with the upgrade and additional tuning. Anyways, for anyone wanting to run 400whp, you would only need an additional wmi bung put in the charge pipe and another nozzle, along with a retune. Pretty minimal work to get to 400 + whp. Text Line Design Font Parallel


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