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Front Left Strut Squeak?

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Been getting a squeak for a long time out of the front left strut. I thought it was the strut bearing, but it wasn't (replaced it about 10k miles ago). Went a good while until it started squeaking again.

Can you grease struts? Maybe its just full of grime because for the first 1k miles I noticed that the boot had come unhooked.

Been on Steeda springs for over 20k miles and the strut have squeak since.
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After I had installed my Steeda springs I had loosened my sway bar link at the top and did not get it tightened all the way. It would squeak when I would hit bumps. If you messed with those check them or check them anyway, they are easy enough to tighten and cross off the list.
You talking about the bolt that holds on the ABS bracket?
No. The bolt that holds the top of the end link to the sway bar. I had started to remove it to try to get some more space to work. Decided not to remove it and did not get it tightened all the way. Even if you did not loosen it, maybe it is loose. Figured it may be worth a try.
I'll check it out when i get the chance.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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