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2016 ST1, FBO, GTX2867R Gen2 .64-AR, Spec stage 2 clutch, Quaife LSD, Fortune Auto 500 coil-overs.
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Hey Guys,

Wife just got a job in Renton, WA and we will be making the 33 hours trip from Austin, Tx up that by by the end of the month. I have come into a predicament recently and wanted some help from my soon to be locals. Austin, TX requires Emissions, which I can not pass currently due to the Cobb DP on my car. I looked it up and from what I found online King County in WA, does not require emissions. Can someone help me out to confirm this?

I am trying to get the car registered in FL for the time being, since it keeps failing, to give me a few extra months for an Accessport, Strat ReFlash and a used stock DP (only if needed up there).

Thanks guys!
not sure about King County by Kitsap County has no emissions at all, can go strait piped here with no problems, cops don't give a **** either.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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