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Now that I've got your attention it's time we discussed a few changes.

1. New members that are contacting with a phone number, email address or external link, permanent ban.

2. If you're new and use VPN / taptalk / cloud proxy to make contact with our members and don't expressly state that fact immediately (some service members are forced to do this for security reasons, follow your OPSEC! ) you will be banned.

3. You must be a member for 30 days & a 25 post minimum in order to buy, sell, or trade. You may not PM our members or artificially post nonsense to get your post count up. If you do, you guessed it BAN.

4. To our existing members, if you do not do your due diligence when buying or selling then this is 100% your own fault. If something seems sketchy report it. We check posts as often but can't catch everything.

5. If you are unhappy about these rules or are unable to follow them, tough ****! Move onto FB market place with that noise or one of the other forums that are a complete and total **** show.

This is a great community of people here. I guarantee that you can find a way to have a discussion about the ST to contribute here. If joining is a way to offload your junk or troll move a long because we'll do it for you at the drop of a hat.


Stay Safe
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Not open for further replies.