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Preciate everyone in the forum and all the great info. Please feel free to comment & educate me if you see or think of anything that jumps out. I'm always learning and grateful for any advice.

My current vehicle :
Daily Driver / Bought @ 5k Has 33k Now
2017 ST1 "Gertrude"
White W/ Gold Wheels
Oil & Filter @ Every 3k

What I've Done So Far (Not In Order):
Stock Turbo (I Didn't Do This, Ford Did)
Tuned 93
STS Bracket @ -40% & Cable Bushings
Symposer Delete
3" Cold Air Intake
3" Downpipe W/ Cat
3" Exhaust (Straight Back, Because Racecar)
Colder Plugs
50/50 BOV
Intercooler W/ 3" Hot & Cold Pipes
PCV Catch Can
Rear Motor Mount
Front & Rear Sway Bars
Front & Rear Tower Braces
AGS Delete
Mud Flaps (For Boost, Because Racecar)

In My Garage Waiting:
Progressive WMI W/ TB Spacer
20mm Spacers

Next On The Neverending List:
Balance Shaft Delete
Flywheel & Clutch
Radiator & Thermostat
Trans Cooler
Intake manifold
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