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Forgestar F14s

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Anyone use them? If so, what quality are they? I've heard they can crack easily?
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Google "Cracked Forgestar." and you'll get your answer.
Most any wheel manufacturer has cracked wheels. From HRE to Enkei to lower end brands like Rota. I've road raced with Rota's and didn't die in a fiery death, yet I've been told never track with Rota's. I've seen expensive forged wheels cracked on other forums. No wheel is immune.

Forgestars are big with the BMW crowd, and we're not easy on wheels. Mainly because we drive overweight pigs, use really low profile tires, and can even buy extended wheel warranties... You know because first world problems. :p

You will not get a good answer anywhere. But you can research what folks did get to fix their issue. Was Forgestar good at replacing, or did they play hardball that the driver hit something...
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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