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Hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing well.

I came across an ad for a 2014 Ford Focus ST GCC spec (I live in the middle east and this will be my first-ever car) with manual transmission. it has done 100,000 km and from the pictures looks pretty good with no accidents after checking the VIN number in the system. the guy selling it is the second owner and has done some mods. he has changed the headlights, taillights wing and suspension for aesthetics. he has also added a cold air intake, a Ford performance axel back exhaust (he says no drone), GFB Blow-off valve and $%& SPEED COILOVERS.
Honestly, I'm not so educated on mods and everything, but it seems like a good car, and the price is kind of in my range (USD 10,000).
Can you guys please guide me and help me to see if this is a good buy for me?

Thank you


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Absolutely a good buy at that price, assuming there's nothing wrong. Aside from a general used vehicle inspection, it's a good idea to get a compression test done.
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yea I’m definitely gonna get it tested throughly, but i heard that 2014 models have transmission, power steering and stalling problems. Thats what concerns me the most.
I think the wire splice issue was isolated to USDM cars, as far as early instances of stalling. More recent times we've discovered the purge valve is a weak link and that can cause stalling after you fill the tank up. See the "FUFF" thread here on the forums.
As far as transmission goes, they did make changes after the '13 model year (again, I can only confirm that of the US market) but all of these transmissions aren't forgiving to abuse. So any of these cars you look at may have issues if the previous owner had short shift mods and abused it.

Power steering issues are around but I don't see too much of that pop up here.
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IIRC, some of the power steering issues were due to water ingress at the connector or near the firewall where the shaft goes through.
I've seen videos about this, but really only a small handful of people here on the forums talking about rack replacement
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