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Ford Denied Powertrain Warranty Repair @ 54k Miles

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My 2014 Focus ST started using oil like crazy a few weeks ago. I wasn't seeing any smoke but i could smell the oil burning. I checked the oil and it was about a quart low. I filled it back up and looked for any sign of oil leaking. I found that the suspension on the passenger front side was soaked in oil. I called my local dealer and they said to bring it on in. At this time it had already leaked another half a quart of oil all over the place. When i got to the dealer they took it up on the lift and said that they had found that the oil feed line was leaking on the turbo. They ran it thru ford corporate and they said that it was not covered by the 5 year / 60k mile warranty on the powertrain. I got a quote for over $650 to replace the line. I talked with the dealer and they told me i could call Ford customer support. When i called them they opened a case for me and said that someone would be in touch with me....................

Around 4 hours later i got a call from someone at ford customer support. THey said that they were going to reach out to the dealer and find out exactly what was wrong with my car. An hour or so later i got another call back from the same person stating that they had discussed with the dealership and that they had the repair negotiated down to around $410 and that they would split it with me. Me paying half out of pocket and ford corporate paying the other half. I was happy that I got this taken down from $650+ to around $200 but why am I paying anything at all for an engine part on a 3 year old car that is still covered by the manufacturers powertrain warranty? Have any of you all ever dealt with this sort of issue?
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Dosent matter if it's modded. If the turbo is stock and the feed line is stock then it should be replaced free of charge to the customer
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