These parts are from a 2016 FocusST. Will fit 2015+ models.
brakes may fit PFL models

PM me with offers if interested. Not interested in a 'name your price tool'

A. Item for sale/trade FRONT ONLY Focus ST3 brakes, calipers, lines and rotors
B. Condition: very good condition
C. Price/What you want to trade for: $200 OBO
D. Location of item: Cost Mesa -Irvine
E. Picture of item
Tire Automotive tire Handwriting Wheel Tread

Handwriting Automotive tire Tire Font Wood

A. Item for sale/trade Parcel shelf SOLD!

A. Item for sale/trade Spec-Ds SOLD

A. Item for sale/trade; Stock taillight w/custom 馃槑 tint SOLD