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This has been a while in the making now. Making sure everything is absolutely perfect. To get this kit to be less than perfect was out of the question.

The Aggression package features all of the most popular external appearance accessories for your ST. As you guys already know, fully customizable through drop down menus in the web store. You choose all the colors!!

The package includes:

Your choice of diffuser fins for 2013-2014 or 2015-2016 model year Focus ST, any color.
Front Two Tone ST emblem, you choose the colors.
Rear Two Tone ST emblem, you choose the colors.
Wing lift kit (choose colors of the wing lift brackets and hole plugs).

The entire kit is on sale now for $259. Your car will look like a totally different animal :)

Some pictures :)

A little overview of our wing lift kit.

A little strength testing of ONE of our brackets in the wing lift kit. This bracket was supporting a 50 lbs barbel for over 7 months straight in the florida sun and rain. I took it down because I needed the space, it was still hanging strong!!! Now you know if you wanted to tow your car by the wing, the wing lift kit will survive :)

And lastly, if you havent already seen glow in the dark wing lifts. This is what they look like :)

Get all the goodies in one package!!


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I may need some new diffusers, some lawn aeration may have occurred a few times.

Oh, and you should see the brake ducts now. I will need to replace those fore sure, lol.

Good looking kit Dan!!!

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More pics to slober over.

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