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focus st-3 225 2009

the car drives fine from cold for first 10mins then cuts out with engine malfunction warning, when trying to start it back up it just cranks and keeps giving the engine malfunction warning with ----- on the odometre. ive done a bit of research so firstly changed battery, then ive had the cluster sent away and repaired by clusterrepairs (they said it was faulty and they changed the processor etc) yet its still doing the same thing. when i hook the car up to the computer when its running fine it allows me to read the PCM module but when the car goes into malfunction mode the PCM isnt readable (however abs module gem etc is all readable when in malfunction mode)

the error codes im getting are u0100 from the EHPAS and u0155 from the RCM module. the more i keep trying to crank the more codes that show up which will be not be the issue.

i have now sent the ecu away for testing, ive checked the wiring and it seems fine

does it sound like a faulty ecu? - it works fine when left overnight for the first 10mins and im at a loss why i can read the PCM when its working fine but when the car goes into engine malfunction i cant.

any suggestions would be welcome, thanks
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