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Focccus and Forscan looking for codes

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What's up friends? I am Luis, I am from Mexico. My car is a Focus ST 2016. for several days I have been using 2 softwares that already know. Focccus and Forscan. Yesterday I did a small review of everything I have modified in my car, Sync 3 V 2.2 Global open / close, Climate on screen (f150 Forum codes take the risk of setting the code and it worked), seat belt warning muted, 911, ST Boot image, etc., etc, ... My question is: Has anyone else made other modifications such as: relock function, panic alarm pressing two times the key fob? And some others that you want to suggest?
I would like to exchange opinions about the codes. My comment is that according to the configuration that my car has (Mexico) there are functions that moving codes in Body Module to activate 911 assist. And that was copying the codes of a Focus of USA. The trim level that my car says is level 3, but there are things it does not have, such as: retractable mirrors, sirius (trying to install via code) and other small things. If someone helps me with their configuration As built direct from Forscan with the highest level trim I will be grateful to make a video of each of the changes according to the installed codes.
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Hi Luis, nice to meet you. mine is 2015 focus ST and I m doing the same project to upgrade to sync 3 from sync 2. my car has auto retractable/folded side mirror.
I installed the sync 3 and ordered but still waiting for the carplay USB hub and elm327.

For now, the sync 3 works fine for nearly all functions that sync 2 had except Fews. And now I am looking the way to fine tune it.
1) The code to make rear camera work( found a lot of code from F150 forum, but not sure work or not)
2) Disable the heated seat since my car doesn't equipped.(occupied the space in sync screen but no purpose)
3) able to power on the accessory while car off.( suppose my sync 2 can use while car off)
4) disable the nav since my place doesn't has map yet!

It would be great that we can share some idea of the coding.
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