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Thanks to user mikochu. This is a relatively easy way to fix a shifting/creaking driver's ST3 Recaro seat, at least in a 2016. I don't know if it works for ST2 seats, or if they even have the problem.

The Recaro driver seat in my 2016 ST3 started to shift slightly left and right during turns or when I moved laterally in my seat. It would make a faint creaking sound that bothered me. I did some searching and found a fix in this thread: Thanks again, mikochu!

Steps I followed:

1. Removed Torx screw on inside front of the plastic seat control panel of the driver's seat. (see first attached pic)
2. Pulled up on the control panel to lift it off the metal tab. (see same attached pic)
3. Unclipped the front middle and front sides of the seat cover from the frame. It's hard to explain how to do this- if you get a flashlight and look under the seat it will make sense.
4. Lifted up the front of the seat cover.
5. Tightened the four Torx screws. (see second attached pic)
6. Lowered the seat cover, taking care to get the plastic lateral bolsters back in the space in the seat foam where they fit. The first time I put the cover back down, I somehow messed this up on the right side and the seat felt funny, so I had to redo everything.
7. Clipped the seat cover back in place (this is much harder than it sounds and is a real pain, so curse liberally as needed).
8. Lift the plastic seat control cover up and put it back down on the tab (also not very easy).
9. Replace the Torx screw that holds the seat control cover in place.

I've only gone for a couple drives since completing this, but the seat is rock solid and quiet. This fix is free if you already own Torx screwdrivers. Mine are a cheap set from Harbor Freight and they work fine. I've seen others use sway bar lateral locks to fix this problem, but I was too cheap to buy them. I'll update this if the seat gets loose or noisy again.

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