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SO finally after lurking for a few years and having a purchase fall through due to being deployed I finally bought a 17' White ST1 (Hated the Recaro's plus cloth is better in the S.A. heat). Only thing i do wish i had were the HID's. I decided to sell my M235I (which I honestly lovedddddddddddd) and got a pretty solid deal of 18.5 with a Ford carbon fiber shifter thrown in for S&G's. I had decided to save a few bucks on payments/insurance and justified all the mods by telling myself this will be my play car and my upcoming M-3 will be my Reg car. So i have a plethora of items, dress and go, coming. Plan on using this to keep track of everything I'm doing and have planned in the future. Right now I don't plan on doing anything crazier than the Mountune 300 but realistically I'm sure ill go bigger turbo at some point. Decided to start out the MP275 route initially just to keep the warranty although its been kind of a pain in the ass to find a ASE certified shop to install since the Ford dealers were like WTF is Mountune. Finally found a shop PerformanceHQ in S.A (formally Lethal Performance) to work with and unless anything changes that's who will be doing my installs on the big ticket items for now.

NAVDY- installed

Sto & Sho- installed

EBay Stainless Steel Dead pedal- installed

Focus All Weather Mats- installed

Hydro-Dipping Engine Plastic Pieces

Oil Cap - installed
Battery Tie Down - installed
Reservoir Cap Cover- installed
Aluminum Dip Stick Handle- installed
Hood Latch- installed


MP275 Upgrade- soon
Charge Pipe Upgrade
Lower Sport Spoiler
Quick Shift
Front Strut Tower Brace- installed
Rally Armor Mud Flaps- next few days
Coolant Hoses
Ancillary Coolant Hoses
High Flow Induction Hoses
Symposer Delete- installed
Set of License Plates- installed


ST Ram Air Big Mouth- soon


Thermal R&D- installed

Carbon fiber-
Anderson Composites hood- received and soon
Spoiler- received and soon
ST shift knob- installed

That's it for now and I'll decide on a few things not to long from now RMM or oil catch can or something. Carbon Fiber pieces are in the future also do the Storm Trooper look but this is it for now. Def will post up pics intermittently as installs are completed.


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Nice man,

If you already have all those parts then you would be best looking at ATP kits when you decide to go BT. If you were starting from scratch the mountune EFR kit is the best bang for buck, when on sale (like at the moment you can get it all for $2149 including a custom tune). I think all you need is a down pipe, but a local exhaust shop can do that. Oh and an intercooler is recommended obviously.

I went ATP kit through stratified with the GTX2867r and I absolutely love the way this turbo builds boost and pushes hard all the way to redline. Also can't recommend stratified enough. Alex and the guys have been such a help.

Good luck with your build!

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Boomba engine bits: installed
Mountune front strut bar: installed
R&D catback: installed
Anderson Composites RS Hood/spoiler: installing this weekend
MP 275 just awaiting pipes to install
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