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What seems like ages ago, Alex started the Blown Motor Resource thread to provide a central location for documenting data on how/why things went boom. That thread has grown to become one of the most popular on this board, and has provided a valuable service to many to help extend the capabilities of the platform.

I'm presuming that Alex et. al. would like similar feedback on their implementation of Cobb Traction Control ("CTC"). CTC takes as inputs, among other things, Steering Angle and output from the onboard yaw sensor (yes, we have a yaw sensor...).

From everything I've read about CTC, a set of tables optimized for drag racing may be less than optimal for tracking/autocrossing. Similarly, a different set of tables may be better for gravel/snow driving as opposed to carving up the Tail of The Dragon.

I'm hoping to get to a place where, if enough users contribute and Stratified buys in, the next time you fill out your Flash Tunes Tuning Form, there will be a slot for "Driving Style for CTC" to fill out.

So here's a stake in the ground of data points I would ask for Stratified to vet:

Intended CTC Driving Role: (Daily Driving, Drag Racing, Autocrossing, Tracking, Loose Surfaces e.g. snow/gravel)
Flash Tune Revision or Custom Tune Order#:
The CTC Mode You Use Most and Are Reporting About: (Mode 0 is the Default, lower numbered Modes allow less slip; higher numbered modes allow more slip)
Driven Wheel Tires: Make/Model/Size/Pressure
Alignment Within Factory Spec?: If no, indicate what and why, e.g. Track car with slight rear toe out for quicker corner rotation.
Has CTC Improved Your Lap Times, 1/4 mile times, Driving Experience?: (Yes, No or "Can't Tell")
Changes to Oversteer/Understeer?: (Indicate if the car understeers/understeers more or less with CTC than without)
Changes To Torque Steer?: (Indicate how, if at all, the car's torque steer characteristics have changed.)
What Do You Like/Dislike About CTC?:

It may be that Stratified will ask some us for logs, with parameters totally different than for engine tuning, to help them improve their take on CTC.

What say Alex?

Best regards to all,
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