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Factory BOV vs Boomba

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I debated if this was the right category to post this. I hope I'm right!

About a month ago, I installed a new Boomba BOV on my car. After some frustrations, I got it on (I'm 6ft 3 with big hands). Turns out, this Boomba BOV is much louder than I wanted. Last night, I took it off and reinstalled the factory BOV. Now, I tend to be a nervous nelly about this stuff, but after install, I made sure that I had everything reinstalled 100%. I've been working on cars my entire life, so I have a good working knowledge of everything. But, after some revs and driving around the neighborhood, i feel like i've heard some very faint noises that don't seem right. This isn't something I can get on video for sound and not something that is easy to describe... but I'm just a little nervous over it. Anyone gone back to factory BOV and had a slightly different noise than you recalled?

Here's to hoping I'm being paranoid. My car only has 33,000 miles so I'm hoping not to cause any problems LOL
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The factory piece is not a BOV, it's a BPV (by pass valve). A BPV recirculates the air. A BOV aspirates the air out of the turbo. The turbosmart 50/50 BOV recirculates half the air and aspirates the other half. My limited knowledge tells me a BPV is more for performance and a BOV like the boomba is just for noise. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, no hard feelings
Hey boz.

Our BOV is just as much as for performance as any BPV out there for this vehicle. The stock unit is made of rubber and plastic. The diaphragm is known to tear and crack which results in boost leaks. Our BOV is CNC machined of billet aluminum, features a brass piston, and has multiple o-rings inside of it. Our unit is pressure tested to 75+ PSI to ensure leak free operation.
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