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Factory BOV vs Boomba

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I debated if this was the right category to post this. I hope I'm right!

About a month ago, I installed a new Boomba BOV on my car. After some frustrations, I got it on (I'm 6ft 3 with big hands). Turns out, this Boomba BOV is much louder than I wanted. Last night, I took it off and reinstalled the factory BOV. Now, I tend to be a nervous nelly about this stuff, but after install, I made sure that I had everything reinstalled 100%. I've been working on cars my entire life, so I have a good working knowledge of everything. But, after some revs and driving around the neighborhood, i feel like i've heard some very faint noises that don't seem right. This isn't something I can get on video for sound and not something that is easy to describe... but I'm just a little nervous over it. Anyone gone back to factory BOV and had a slightly different noise than you recalled?

Here's to hoping I'm being paranoid. My car only has 33,000 miles so I'm hoping not to cause any problems LOL
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Zeek.. name your price! I'm happy to get rid of it. It's only a month old, was brand new from Boomba and $150. I'll take less than that, obviously, since it's now used.

And yes, I always second guess my work. Frustrating as it is, I swear I start hearing noises. In this instance. I can't decide if I'm causing any long term issues or not.
You're right. I was typing too fast (I'm at work) and called it a BOV instead of a BPV.
What sounds are you hearing? Are you sure its coming from the bov?

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so the sounds only seem to occur at higher RPMs like above 3,000. I hear it more prevalent with my windows down and when i'm driving near a wall or barrier. It's more of a flutter sound. I'm not sure. Reinstalled the BPV is tricky because with the spring, it doesn't want to cooperate. I'll see if I can get a video of it.
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