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Hey guys, I searched up and down about this, came across lots of good info, but a lot of it was pretty old and never really saw a clear consensus drawn.

I'm piecing together an ATP GTX kit, so I'll need to run an external BOV. Looking at Tial Q, but maybe also a Turbosmart Race port or vee port.

I understand it basically comes down to- run a standard rate spring designed for ~20 inHG spring and use the manifold as vac source, or go with a light spring and use the stock vac pump/solenoid setup. Looks like 7-10 inHG of vacuum equivalent spring is what you would want in this case.

I can see the advantages on paper of using the ecu controlled solenoid- keep spring pressure light, should respond faster, dont have to worry about it being open at idle/high vac situations. But it seems like many still run into issues trying to use the stock solenoid. Is there anyone who has a success story running an external BOV with the solenoid? Or does it come down to how much time you want to invest tuning the various bypass valve tables in the ECU and for most folks it's just not worth the hassle?

I'd like to give the solenoid route a shot, but don't want to try and reinvent the wheel at the same time....

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